Let’s see what God can do! This is not only our motto, but it’s an attitude! An attitude to never say “no” without first seeing what God can do.

I’m in love with my wife, Linda, whom I married in 2024. I have three children: Julie, who is married to Aaron; Zack, who is married to Hope; and Laura. Each one of them has only one job, and that is to give us more grandchildren (right now, we are stuck on the number five). I also have a stepson, Tyler. Family is very precious to me.

My life was dramatically impacted by the Jesus movement of the late 70s and early 80s. I was challenged to live a radical life for Jesus Christ – a life of no compromise. I have strived to fulfill that calling.

I have been at Riverside since January 2020 (the Covid era!). Our vision is a church is to create moments where people can encounter Jesus Christ. We do this through weekend gatherings, smaller gatherings throughout the week in homes, through learning how to serve others and reaching out to our community. We are not the perfect church, so all imperfect people are welcome here. Our greatest hunger is to see people have a life-altering moment with Jesus.

I invite you to come and be a part of this humble family of God.

Let’s see what GOD can do! -Pastor Brian Harrell