Riverside Youth Ministry

Grade 6 - 12

At Riverside Church in Fredericksburg, VA, our Youth Ministry is specifically designed to empower youth kids (6th-12th grades) to grow in faith, relationships, and leadership. Our focus is on helping them discover the amazingness of Jesus!
Join Us For Youth Ministry!
Join Us For Youth Ministry!

The Riverside Youth Ministry meeting in the upstairs of the church in Fredericksburg, VA every Tuesday night at 6:30 PM. With a vibrant and engaging atmosphere, we foster a sense of community and provide a platform for them to navigate real-life issues while learning about Jesus in a way that empowers them to live life to the fullest. Join us and expect a positive peer environment that encourages growth and a deeper understanding of faith.

Meet Pastor Steve!

Led by Pastor Steve Weber, a devoted servant of God, our youth group ministry at Riverside Church is designed to provide a dynamic and engaging environment for our young members. With a heart dedicated to nurturing their faith and fostering an energetic community, Pastor Steve is committed to creating memorable experiences for our youth. If you have any questions about this ministry, please contact Pastor Steve Weber.

Join Our Youth Team

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