Riverside Music Ministry

Worship Experience Team

At Riverside Church in Fredericksburg, VA, our Music Ministry lead worship using a blend of modern worship songs and re-imagined hymns. More than just music, they strive to bring a worship experience which includes lighting, motion graphics and more.
More Than Just Music...

A lot of people assume the worship experience is just music, but there is so much more! From lights to sound and everything in between it takes a dedicated group of volunteers to make Sunday morning and worship events happen! Are you interested in getting plugged in? Click the button below and fill out the form.

Meet Our Worship Leader, Jen!

Jennifer “Jen” Leja, a native of the Central East Coast of FL, embarked on her musical journey by earning her music degree from UCF in Orlando, FL. It was during her time there that she also found her life partner, Brad, and they tied the knot in their final year of college. Following their marriage, Brad joined the ARMY Band, leading them on a journey filled with twists and turns that eventually led them to Riverside.


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