Jennifer “Jen” Lega, a native of the Central East Coast of FL, embarked on her musical journey by earning her music degree from UCF in Orlando, FL. It was during her time there that she also found her life partner, Brad, and they tied the knot in their final year of college. Following their marriage, Brad joined the ARMY Band, leading them on a journey filled with twists and turns that eventually led them to Riverside.

Guided by faith, Jen and Brad have experienced doors opening and closing in their lives, always choosing the path that aligns with their beliefs. Riverside became a significant chapter in their story as they became part of the community in April 2021, with Jen taking on the role of Worship Leader. The warmth of the people at Riverside and their sincere devotion to worship resonated deeply with Jen.

Jen’s personal life is equally vibrant. Her marriage to Brad has spanned two decades, and their joyous family comprises three wonderful kids who share a love for laughter, learning, creativity, and enjoyment. Music and creativity are integral to their family’s identity. For Jen, a life intertwined with music has been a constant thread – from choirs to ensembles, bands to orchestras, she has embraced each step of her musical journey with gratitude. She feels truly blessed by the path that God has guided her on.