NOT too late

Brian Harrell   -  

A lot of life happened after you said “I do” to that person you promised your life to.

Things progressively got busier and more complicated.

Buying cars.
Buying a home.
Financing this.
Financing that.
Friends and family.

And then the kids came along and the pace quickened.

Doctor visits.
Piano lessons.
A bigger car.
Driving here.
Driving there.
Dinners on the run.
Bath time.
Putting them in bed again… And again.
New schools.
New friends.
New interests.

And in the rush of living life something is neglected. It may feel like your marriage is in hibernation or to be “continued at a later date.” In the neglect of the most important relationship in the home, husband and wife, strains begin to develop.


Arguments over parenting styles.



Sleeping separately.


Financial strains.

Being compared to mommy or daddy.

Never enough time.

Too much to do.

At some point the two people who say that they “fell in love” are now saying that they are “falling out of love” as if love is some kind of uncontrollable emotion. The temptation is to trade the old model in for a new model.

This is a terrible decision.

When I lost my wife I realized, in an emphatic way, how amazing of a person she was. I took so much for granted. I didn’t know how much she added to my life. I didn’t know I would miss her so much. I didn’t know what it felt like to be alone – truly alone.

It’s almost like death turned her into a saint!

The person God has given you to love and honor is just a person, a person who is needing someone to overlook their flaws and to love them anyway. What stops us from doing this is pride – knowing what we should do but doing the exact opposite. We know that we should encourage, but we disparage instead. It’s easier. It puffs us up to point out the imperfections, the weaknesses and defects of the other and demand they get corrected.

My advice is this; humble yourself and love the person that God has given you. One day they won’t be there,and you will regret what you could have given, but didn’t.

Hold hands as much as possible.

Serve as much as possible.

Make love as much as possible.

Snuggle together as much as possible.

Hold each other as much as possible.

Encourage each other as much as possible.

Make time for each other as much as possible.

Kiss as much as possible.

Be humble and ask for forgiveness.

Pray together.

Value her/him.

Leave love notes.

Do the little things.

Compliment her/him.

And stop the madness. Find a prayer closet, get in it, ask God to cleanse your heart, and change your mind, and then go do the hard stuff no matter how you feel.

Love is giving someone what they need the most when they deserve it the least and it’s usually at great personal sacrifice. Love is not easy, but it’s worth it.

This is advice coming from someone who lost their love.

It’s not too late to do this.