Follow the Science

Brian Harrell   -  

One of the newest mantras in our culture is “follow the science.” The science that they talk about is supposed to be the kind of data that is tested, proven, established, confirmed, repeatable and verifiable. Anyone who rejects or even doubts “the science” is ridiculed for their ignorance because, after all, science is science and science gets the final word.

When it comes to climate change, we are supposed to “follow the irrefutable science.”

When we are talking about Covid and masks and vaccinations we are urged to “follow the science.”

Government regularly preaches that they are following the science in their decision-making process. Logically, it would follow, that science always leads to the same conclusion just like 2+2 will always equal 4. Science should always lead everyone to the same results.

Except when it doesn’t.

When we don’t like the science, we conveniently ignore it. Science has conclusively proven that life begins at conception. At conception a human being is created. Unless a pregnancy is interrupted a brand-new person will be born into this world. Morality tells us that we shouldn’t kill human beings but somehow, we ignore the science, and morality, and demand the right to end the life of a pre-born baby. What is scary is that the state, not science or morality, has decided who is human and who is not, and thus, what life can be terminated.

If you follow the science people are born with one of two genders; male or female. It doesn’t take a biologist to figure out which gender you may be. This is discovered the moment of birth when the doctor says, “congratulations, it’s a boy!” Just follow the science. Instead, our culture has decided that gender is discovered in the head. Invariably that leads to a battle between people’s minds and people’s bodies and things are said like, “I am a girl trapped in a boy’s body.” Of course, this leads to all kinds of problems. The science says that a female is a female because she has a female body. Again, the state steps in and completely ignores science and declares itself as the gender decider in chief. Just follow the science unless the science is inconvenient to you.

Jesus brings a new word into this mix; truth. Truth is reality. I may declare that “my truth” is that I am a 6 foot four-inch Chinese woman but that doesn’t make it true. I am not 6 foot four. I am not Chinese. And I’m not a woman. It doesn’t matter what my head says I am because the reality says something different.

Truth is stubborn. It doesn’t yield to whims or court decisions. Truth is relentlessly reliable.

Jesus said many things about truth; he said the word of God is truth, he claimed that he is the truth and he also said that the truth would set us free. Ultimately, truth doesn’t come from within you, it is established by Jesus himself. Jesus – all of what he says and all of who he is – will be the standard by which all things are measured. Ultimately, Jesus is the only reliable truth no matter the century, the prevailing morality, technology or the political winds. He lasts – nothing else does.

Truth can’t be changed by a court or a state. Truth is always truth. And truth will not be undone simply because it is inconvenient and uncomfortable. Take gravity for instance; gravity is always going to work whether you believe in it or not. It will not change simply because “your truth” is that you can float.

The truth will set you free. Having your own truth will only lead to a violent crash. Maybe we should start following the truth!