Chris Watt

Student Pastor

I am Chris Watt, and I am the Youth and Young Adult Pastor at Riverside Church. I’m now 35 years old and have been an active Youth Pastor for over 15 years, serving in Frostproof, Florida and Sarasota, Florida before moving to Fredericksburg. My wife Teresa, daughter Ava, and I have made a home for ourselves here in Fredericksburg, and strive to reach the community for Christ.

Throughout my life, I’ve been a part of the touring band scene (for long enough to realize that it’s not what God has planned for my life), run a music venue, worked with an at-risk teen center, spent time working in restaurants, worked retail and done graphic design. Each one of these things has always brought me back to youth ministry. It’s the thing I know God has created me to do. My ultimate goal for the students and young adults of Fredericksburg is that they find Christ and begin to focus on discovering the thing God has created them to do.

As the Youth Pastor at Riverside, I aim lead our students to a deeper understanding of God and themselves through topics that are relevant to them in their current culture while remaining Biblically sound. Our students are a vital part of our church today and know they don’t need to wait until “the future” to volunteer or lead in multiple ministries currently existing in our congregation. Our group called “Innovate” allows our students to think outside the box to find new and vibrant ways to develop and share their faith in God.

As the Young Adult Pastor in a group we call “Elevate”, we look to raise up leaders among our young adults (ages 18-35) and we share an in depth portion of our lives together to grow stronger together to lift each other up to bigger and better things. We don’t meet just to simply get together, but we truly enjoy each other and spend free nights together attending movies, going to dinner, or double-dates throughout the week. This has all happened naturally, and we know that God is the center of our relationships as we grow together.